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  1. एक अच्छी किताब इंसान का दोस्त बन सकता है । यह किताब का भी यही है । मैं मुस्लिम ह नाम से पता चल ही गया होगा । कितने किताबें और क़ुरान रीड की पर ऐसी कभी नहीं पड़ी। सब सच लिखा गया है। यह ग्रुप ने बहुत मेहनत की है। उनकी मेहनत की बहुत तारीफ करता हु । कर्म को कितने सरल तरीके से समझाया है। अपना कोई नहीं है इस बात को दिमाग में बैठा दिया है। यह किताब काही लोगों और युवानों के लिए एक प्रेरणा स्त्रोत बनेगी । आप ऐसी ही किलबे लिखे और हमे सिखाते रहे ।

  2. Firstly thanks for the book and thanks for adding me in your family. Your hard work and  book and your dedication have brought positive changes to our young generation. You are inspiration for many of the people over here .. Without your creative mind, it would have not been possible to achieve such a high target. Your time management skills have impressed me a lot and I am eagerly waiting for your next project will pray jesus that you achieve all your goals and dreams.

    Thanking you.

  3. I am from New Zealand. I got this reference of this book from  instagram page. I don’t remember the last time I read something as good as your poems. They make me think  deep about everything… I was impressed with how well written and truth wrote. It has already aided me a great deal of my life, and I am sure that many people will be referring to it for years to come. I am greatly looking forward to your more books. Loved it

  4. Hey, hope you guys are good. by the way thanks for adding me in  group, I recently came across this JAINlSM COURSE  from google web page such an inspirational book with modern truth, hats off to the writer for such amazing file  even thanks to you guys for such a great effort you know what I used to handle the book in metro just for one reason, to read so that I will not have to look at people. “Books. Thanks a lot

  5. Jai Jinendra this was my  first experience of online exam i was scared firstly whether I will get enough marks or not etc.  Thanks to writer of this book for changing my views and changing my  life as a CA student giving exams lot of times and every time failed. My mom and dad who where tired of my CA failure where proud of me after seeing my result in top 25. A perfect novel for a person who is always in stress and get out of stress: I am the guy who was surely of this type.

  6. Jai Jinendra. Mera name Nishita hai Mal Punjab se hu. Maine jainism ki exam Di thi Humare Punjab Mai first exam Asehi hui hai. Meri apse request Hal ki please Aisi aur exams Humare vaha pe conduct Kare Taki hum logh jhud sake. Yah book Mahin saralta se samajaya gaya hai ki logo ke Dimag Mai baatein jaldi se baith jahe. Karma paap and all things Maine apne bacho ko bhi read karvahi . Aaj Vishwamangal parivar ka Ek status hogaya hai jisko perfect learning  ke name se Jana jata hai. . 24*7 availble Rehna. Haar problem ka solution nikalna but Hume 1% bhi taklif Mai bado Dena sachi mai Aap logo ne Humare jinshaan ka Maan badaya hai. Apki next book ki wait karugi.


  7. Heya, myself Manal from South Sudan: Happy to know that I am part of a family which connected f almost 29k people. A big big achievement Seriously hats off to the team. Giving calmly answer to all the question. I am that type of girl who is always 0 in any field even in my religion.. But this book gave me confidence to hack me up and make my own personality got influenced by this young group to who is so talented specially Rakshita mam and Ankita mam there 24/7 work..

    Jai Mahaveera…

  8. Hey, you guys just made it to another level. Your guru has wrote such a incredible book. Which actually changed my life. I was that kind of person who was just Nastik. All question such as who is god? . Does god really exists? All this question where in my mind. But after reading this book my all question turned into wow. How small small things lead us to a Narak. Eating at midnight was just natural for me but not anymore. Thank you so much for writing this book and making us aware of small small things. Even sitting lakhs of kilometers away from India also make us connected to Jainism thank you so much for your services.

  9. Thanks for mail and link which you provided. You are not only our teacher, you are our friend, authority and guide… Thank you vishwamangalparivar for your patience, hard work, and time You’re so wonderful. Polite and respectful. Thank you for sharing the wisest piece of book in the website. I and my child is learning something new every day and he is growing not only mentally but also spiritually. You are such a positive impact on my child and which is why you are worthy of my respect and admiration as well. Thanks for being the best guide for my child

  10. Hye Elif ferdense here, From Qatar. Thanks a lot for books.

    Thank you for being a great mentor! I appreciate all the help you’ve given me. I am also thankful that you have been patient will all my questions as I strive to learn everything that I can. You are a wonderful leader. Thank you for helping me with my every doubts. You guys are here inspiration for more than 100 peoples. As this team is full of youngsters. you guys made your religion proud. Hope even we can do the work like you guys and be proud for someone in our life.

  11. Myself Meyer Smith, from Amsterdam, Netherland

    Thanks to the writer parampujya maniprabhashriji mahara shaheb ji  for writing such an great book. How can a book change the entire life of the person I was questioned to it many times. But after reading book I got my answer.. Even I was addicted to all bad habits like smoking drugs and all stuffs but this book made a lot change in me. I stopped all the things. Thanks to you guys Going to disco pubs and taking drinks was my regular habit but now it’s not, I would like to meet that great person who wrote this book. Hats off to you guys!

  12. Hello.

    Myself James ferguson from Australia I am national level cricket player. Playing for my nation. Just came to your website. Was really shocked by seeing your bio. Of all members age. I mean how’s that possible being in such small age having so much knowledge.

    Handling the younger generation is a really arduous task as the kids of today’s time don’t like to be supervised. Your group is really a blessing in disguise of the Lord to us as you are the one who is always there to guide our generation towards the right direction. Thank you so very much for all the care and efforts.

  13. Hi myself Altamash momin. Thanks for adding me. Really appreciate your work you people are just heart realm. I changed my religion. You won’t believe I was the person who was fond of non veg without meat my day was incomplete. And after 3months just by your thoughts and books and all things changed my routine. Earlier it was tough for me. And today I completely stopped eating. Your people guided me so much and helped me a lot. you have 30k members but you treat all equal. East or West this group is always best. Will be the luckiest person if I ever get chance to meet you guys. And yes one day this Dharma will be on top.

    Thanking you,
    Altamash momin,
    From Pakistan

  14. I am muslim person but your books have touched my heart. I would proudly like to say that I have come in contact with such parivar and that to young generation people handling this. I went through your course. From that came close to jain culture And my family has totally stopped eating nonveg. Even our neighbours have. I was trying all things to be heartly jain and was having 19 chickens shop in oslo sandvika in Norway. I have closed all that shops with your guidance and opened vegetables and garments shop over there. Thank you so much for making such changes in me.

    Thanking you

  15. Hella Orial Junqueries here. I am judge of high court of Spain. I just came with your books of vishwamangalparivar website which was provided to me by my ministers. Your books are just heart touching the stories about two people’s friends. Wanted to read many such books and luckily got also. Thanks to your group who are putting so much afford to make us feel positive everytime. Every small small things are explained here perfectly with such fluent words. It’s a life changing book Mainly for youngsters. Who are trying their best to be best in their life. Your guidance and your hard work is just amazing. Will be lucky and pleased to meet you.

    Thanking you,
    High court judiciary judge,

  16. Namaste.. myself SHIKIR ELIS FROM LIBYA. Wanted to tell you people I am the luckiest person who has been to the group. This family is always active in any situation Got mail from my admin of book called two friends and jailer such an awesome books are with simple language teaching Karma the word entitled everything Which is also faced in our daily life. vishwamangalparivar the truly essence of JAINISM Dedication….. activeness…. Incredible sense of talk…. Politeness….. helping hand…. solution for every problems Proud of you.

  17. Hey… First of all thank you for your time and help. Thanks to the person who wrote this book who must be very unique in her own way. You give solution to every problems. We were not able to understand one chapter but you guys by an 50second video made that topic so easy. Per week exam a new idea made us so active and fast that we came to close to this book. Never ever read such book. Three cheers for this group !!!

  18. Jai Jinendra. Thanks a lot for adding me in your group. I really wanted to appreciate the work and dedication you guys did a great job. Making us active through niyams… stuti… stavan… thoughts…… really great. And now unit test exam which has increased our confidence level that yes we can easily give exam Daily reading this book…. Got some new things to learn. Thanks a lot again.

  19. A great learning Platform.It is very informative and systematic, helpful for the young generation to gain spiritual knowledge.The Examination system is very smooth and convenient. Looking forward to unlock the next chapters

  20. Very much thankful to shashan samarpit parivar such a great intiative to come up with such a great platform have gained much knowledge and will surely try to follow this in my life